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Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo Dump Friday #2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, I sure hope so.
Photo Dump Friday is going to be a thing now. Not every Friday, but only on Fridays. If there is ever a bunch of photos that I want to showcase but not necessarily talk about, it's gonna go here. Here's the first experimental one
 I should have something to scale, but I can assure you this dragonfly was about the size of a pointer finger.
 I felt like I was neglecting taking pictures of my cats (though they don't care) so I took a bunch recently. What kind of crazy cat lady would I be if I didn't?
By the way, those facial expressions describe them perfectly.

I also never made an official thing about pinning, but now you can pin my pictures of Pinterest if that is your cup of tea!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Very few flowers in my yard...

This is a very sad thought considering I'm all "nature this!" and "nature that!". 

I would like to defend myself first and state that I have not been living at my current house for a whole year yet. And what's worse is that we moved in at the end of September and didn't get things going for a while. This is especially true for the yard (considering that this was a rough winter).

In all of this turmoil, and it was a lot, I had my mom. My mom told me not to buy a single plant because she is going to give me a ton of varieties. I have daisies that are blooming and I have a black eyed susan that's peeking out, but the one giant plant that is LOVING my yard is the blue vervain!
This photo doesn't really show the height, but believe me it's nearly 5 ft tall!

I'm incredibly giddy about this plant because this is the first time in my life when I have done the gardening! Of course there have been many times when my mom has helped out with planning and such, but I'm the one that has done a majority of the labor. And this is truly a labor of love.

I'm so proud I may tear up!

Some day soon I'll have a whole backyard filled with native species! And I'm especially going to make sure that I have things blooming at every possible moment!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Cat From Hell: Not so much...

I don't have cable at my house, just Netflix, but I have seen the show My Cat From Hell.

You may have heard of it.

It's a very catchy name, but every time I have seen this show it's never the cats that are from hell, it's the people! I can't judge every episode, only because I haven't seen them all, but from the ones that I have seen, it's the owners who have been, pardon my language, fucking it all up.

The main reason is because people don't understand the cats' behavior.

I really like the guy that does this show, Jackson, he has really good points and it actually helps the owners. And besides the dude's flair, which I totally dig, he addresses that it's the owners that have to change, not the cat; the fact that it's the person's neglect or lack of understanding that is making the cat the way it is.

It's a huge stereotype that cats are solitary and you can leave them alone and they will be fine. Though part of this may be true, that's not really the case. Cats are still social creatures and if a human is adopting them, you become responsible for caring and socializing with that cat.

Frankly, it's very easy to make any cat happy, though I agree some can be tougher than others, it happens. Here and here are some links to keep those fur-babies happy. 

Here are some of my own tips, one crazy cat lady to others:
- Be social. Spend AT LEAST an hour with them playing, petting, or grooming them
-Have things for them to do. While you're at work, they're still at home. They may be sleeping a lot of the time, but they still wake up and need things to do! Test out multiple types of toys, ranging from thick rubber bands that they can't swallow to crinkly balls, and find their favorite one.
-Make sure their environment is clean. I've done it, other people have done it, but we all need to really really try to give them a clean litter box and area. Would you want to go to the bathroom where the toilet doesn't flush and that's the only one you could use? Yeah, didn't think so.
-Treat them as you would a human child. I'm not saying get them an education and send them to college, but think of these cats (or any animal) as a fur baby. If a human child was sick, you would take them to a doctor. If a human child was bored, you would play with them. If a human child needed to know that something wasn't right, you train them. Same thing with cats.

A cat, or any pet, is someone you are choosing to love and care for.
So if you know someone that is getting angry with their cat and is about to take them to the humane society or on give them away on craigslist (which they shouldn't do since it can lead to abuse), check out their situation and see if the person is doing all they can for their pet. If someone was getting angry with a human child, they couldn't just give them away. It is a commitment that should be seen all the way through.
Heck, if you even need some quick advice, email me! (click on my bio)

Don't forget to hug your cat! I hug Millie and Milo everyday!
By the way, I may become a professional cat photographer, what do you think?