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Monday, December 29, 2014


With the new year fast approaching, I've decided I needed to reduce some of my tasks so as not to stretch myself too thin.

Unfortunately that means I'm saying goodbye to Dawn of the Dandelions.

In all honesty, I didn't think this would last as long as it did! I'm incredibly proud of myself for creating and maintaining a blog about the environment and ways to better the world. Actually, this blog did exactly what I needed to do, get me to my next step so I can keep spreading the good message all the while expressing my creative side.

At Schlitz Audubon I have taken on some big projects and have more churning in the back of my mind. All of these have to do with media and education of course. So if you are ever in Milwaukee, or somewhere near there, come to Schlitz Audubon and visit!!

Keep being green, keep being nice, and keep making the world a better place for you and all the other species that call it home.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I know I haven't been keeping up to date. Tsk tsk.

But here's a happy holidays to everyone!
Once the holidays are done, and there's actually snow on the ground, there will be plenty more to see on this little bit of the internet from Wisconsin.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Inspired by the sun!

Alternative energy is a must. Anyone that disagrees is in complete denial.

One of my favorites is solar. That bright beautiful star in the sky gives us so much energy, and for all of these years we've been wasting our time and money on fossil fuels. 

Recently I was at a conference meeting and there was a presentation from the MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) about solar energy. I won't go through the science part of it because that's not something that we all need to know in depth. We really need to know that it does work, it's effective, it's durable and long lasting, and it's an unlimited resource.

You know what this fellow from MREA said, or rather had on his powerpoint? A bulletin board that said this:
"When there is a huge solar spill, it's called a nice day.

That get's ya thinkin' doesn't it.
There wouldn't be any disruption to aquatic habitats that would be mucked up from oil spills.
There would be no need for a Keystone XL pipeline to run through the United States (and risk of leaks in said pipeline).
There would be reasonable priced reusable energy (because hopefully our star doesn't burn out).

A lot of issues is that it's a huge up-front cost. You have to get the panels and get them installed and those get pricey. So they have the option to lease your solar panels to reduce the up-front cost. I like this idea personally and the only complaint that I see is that it is a long-term contract and could maybe be a pain for when you are selling your home. 

Essentially just look at the fine print. Read every detail. And I mean read it, don't skim it!

Then there's this other thing that as a whole society we have an issue with. It's that question of "What is going to be the next best thing?" Of course there will always be improvements, that's what happens with technology, but if we continue to just wait for the next big technology we are missing out on the energy that can be captured and consuming the fossil fuels that are damaging to the environment.

So as a final inspiration, I leave you with this.

"All of the coal, oil and gas known to humans has the same energy as the sun shines on us in 20 days."
So what did you do in the last 20 days? The sun has been giving us energy, are you ready to do your research and capture it?