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Friday, August 29, 2014

SANC Educator Getaway!

So this is sort of a Photo Dump Friday, but not really. These photos are all from the SANC Educators Getaway from this past week. We went up to Sandhill Wildlife Area, Necedah Wildlife Refuge, Roche-A-Cri State Park, and the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery (all in Central Wisconsin). There are so many amazing things from there, but let's just have the photos do most of the talking.
 I have really become fascinated with Badgers. Not just because they're Wisconsin's state animal, but just because they're so quirky looking. LOOK AT THOSE CLAWS!!
 Yup, that's a Bald Eagle.
This little lady was a great model.
 Here we have a Whooping Crane, which are an endangered species, next to a Great Egret.
 This is Smartweed. It's become my new favorite!
 This is part of the rock at Roche-A-Cri. Those are ancient petroglyphics. There are also some jackasses that carved their own name and tampered with this ancient rock. Friends don't let friends graffiti ancient pieces.
 Immature Turkey Vulture.
There were many a cool things inside this building, but most of the didn't turn out... bummer.

There is so much to explore in this world and people travel all over the place, but there is still so much to explore in just this state alone! I'm definitely going to make it a mission to try and see as much of Wisconsin as I can!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Canoeing surprises!

My job at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center has given me a bunch of bonuses in the respect of getting amazing photos and experiences. One of those experiences is going on canoe trips! Currently I am still in training, but I'm getting to the point where a couple of us newbies can go on our own.

This past week was another one of our training sessions and I was in the middle taking photos! It's actually pretty difficult to get focus shots when a canoe is wibbly wobbly. However, despite that, I managed to snag this hilarious beauty.
That Great Blue Heron is such a dorky looking thing! But I was very lucky to have managed to get that exact second. Normally you see these birds and it's all about grace and poise, but not this sucker! 

Canoeing has a ton of surprises and I can't wait to explore some more!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo Dump Friday #2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, I sure hope so.
Photo Dump Friday is going to be a thing now. Not every Friday, but only on Fridays. If there is ever a bunch of photos that I want to showcase but not necessarily talk about, it's gonna go here. Here's the first experimental one
 I should have something to scale, but I can assure you this dragonfly was about the size of a pointer finger.
 I felt like I was neglecting taking pictures of my cats (though they don't care) so I took a bunch recently. What kind of crazy cat lady would I be if I didn't?
By the way, those facial expressions describe them perfectly.

I also never made an official thing about pinning, but now you can pin my pictures of Pinterest if that is your cup of tea!!